HEXASM (Her EXecutive Action) Leadership Model for Women

A development program, the HEXASM Leadership Model for Women, targets proactive career advancement strategies and behaviors that will enhance professional branding and influence. Additionally, this program provides action-based strategies to break down barriers and stereotypes that have hindered women’s career transitions and advancement.

Using the HEXASM Leadership Model through one-on-one coaching, women in executives positions and tapped as top talent will develop practical skills, awareness, and acumen in three key areas: networking, self-advocacy, and seeking career allyship, setting them on a path to success.

The validity of this program is backed by research and real-world application. The HEXASM Leadership Model for Women is a game-changer, elevating women to lead in their organization!

Inclusion Understanding & Leading

Create an environment for your workforce to realize their potential by leading with an inclusive and diverse mindset.

Executive Talk

Encourage your top talent and executives to ask the tough questions on how to lead effectively and thereby learn, do, and become more.